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TrustTemenos Adventure Gathering

We invite you to join us on a journey sharing our histories, current challenges and dreams for our worlds.

We can take off our superhero capes and enjoy a rejuvenating bath of curiosity and kindness.

This will energise us to bring more of our dreams into reality.

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We think and talk a lot about leadership. And we frequently record these conversations. Enjoy!

Leadership Agility

It is not about “being agile” or not. It’s about improvement, consciously and deliberately. You want to know your identity and your purpose. Add awareness of how you lead, and start improving.

A Difference with Intention

You want to make a difference. You know what you want. We help you learn how the way you show up determines the results you get. And how you become aware of how you show up to get what you want.

Responsibility in Context

You lead your life. You may lead at home. You may lead a team, a project, a company. Context is key. Knowing when and how to lead and follow and how that serves your intention… that let’s you take responsibility.

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