We offer classes in “Certified Agile Leadership” for the Scrum Alliance. What do these classes allow you to learn? What impact can you expect, and what difference will that make on how you lead your life, your team, and your organisation? And what does “agile leadership” mean?

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What is Agile?

Our simple definition of “agile”: Deliberate improvement, based on

  • respecting and valuing people as human beings with needs and potentials,
  • clarity of why (purpose, vision) we do what we do,
  • awareness of how (process, communication, …) we do what we do.

These three elements allow us to collaborate on improving our system together, so that it better delights and serves us and our customers.

We do not believe that “agile” is a state, or a label, for a specific practice or organisation – agile is the stance and journey of consciously improving.

Agile Leadership

In that spirit, we believe that agile leadership is the conscious improvement of how we lead and follow, given

  • a clarity of intention (what we want),
  • an awareness of context and our current habits and behaviours of leading and following, with the
  • purpose to grow the system we work in and the people working in it to fulfil our needs and realise our individual and joined potential.

CAL1 Course

The currently offered courses are called CAL1 as we perceive them to be the beginning of a journey, the invitation to a quest of discovery.

We assume you have experience in leading your life, and leading people. You may be an expert at leading or consider yourself a beginner. Independently of which path you are on and where on that path you are, the TrustTemenos CAL1 will give you these things:

  • A context of co-creation where you and other leaders make sense together and learn together how you lead and how you may want to improve.
  • Plenty of options to lead and follow, to teach and learn, to diverge and converge, to seed and to harvest, as we make sense together of what we know about leadership.
  • A conceptual frame which you can use to discern and understand your kind and style and stance of leadership, methods, practices and tools you know or learn about, so that after the course you can continue to make sense and improve, and continue the journey.
  • A community of leaders who help each other improve and make sense of their improvement. We encourage and admire each other’s success and hold each other accountable for our struggles, as we’re working on changing our mental models, behaviours and habits.

CAL1 Course Differences

Various Scrum Alliance coaches and trainers offer very different CAL programs and CAL1 courses. Given the intentional openness of the CAL1 learning objectives and the diversity of valid interpretations of what “agile leadership” is, we believe that our training offerings are complimentary.

We offer our trainings at 50% of the price to anyone who has attended a CAL1 training with another trainer before.

Learning preferences are different. People are diverse, organisations even more so. What you need and want to start your journey of self-discovery, becoming the leader you feel called to be, might be wildly different from what we offer.

We recognise these scales on which trainings can be very different:

  • sharing knowledge – downloading knowledge
  • getting tools and instructions – increase understanding of your hands
  • untanglement and discernment – disruption of beliefs and behaviours
  • leave your comfort zone – increase your comfort zone
  • learners control learning – teachers control learning

Ask us if you want to know more! And look at the pictures …

Because of the highly co-creative nature of TrustTemenos CAL1 trainings, content can be very different from group to group. For that reason, you may want to consider coming back – which you may do at a 50% discount.

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