TrustTemenos CAL2 – Lead in Your Program!


You want to continue your leadership journey towards agility, and you want validation that your new intention and awareness actually make a difference in your organisation. Step up to lead in our CAL2 program! Everyone participating in our CAL1 gets access to our TrustTemenos Slack workspace. There you’ll find the #cal2interest channel within which you’ll find interested leaders to join forces with to create your CAL2 experience. And you can use slack to get in touch with Olaf to step up and take part in the rolling program.

Rolling Program

You can start this journey at any time. Our CAL2 program is open for everyone holding the CAL1 credential – independent of the trainer – and the new CAL-Essentials, -Team and -Organisations certifications. CAL2 contains three elements:

Validated Practice

You pick a leadership challenge (see below) to work on during the program. Your challenge consists of a personal change in your leadership, and an impact in a system through your leadership change.

You can pick any system you want – the important thing is that you stay and lead in it long enough for you to make a difference through inspecting and adapting the way you lead. Olaf validates your awareness of and ability to adapt the way you lead. 

Advanced Learning

You pick an area of learning you want to dive into more deeply during the program. We offer Mastering Relationships 2-3 times per year. You can also choose another training that fits our leadership program, like the Responsibility Gift with Christopher Avery or Systemic Modelling with Caitlin Walker. 

You have to finish that course before receiving your CAL certification.


Peer Work

We can’t improve our leadership on our own. We improve developing relationships in relationships. We learn to change ourselves only with others.

You will pick partners from our cohort, or colleagues from your organisation, to share, design things together, give and get feedback, and make sense of progress. 

Leadership Challenge

In our Konnekted Leadership CAL1 course, you picked a personal growth challenge to improve your leadership within a context that you control. Like many of us, you probably saw a significant change in how you showed up after the course, and in the difference you made. 

For CAL2, you will pick and define a bigger challenge: 

  • Which organisation/context are you leading in?
  • What difference are you going to make in that context/organisation?
  • Which changes in your personal leadership will be needed for that to happen?
  • How much pain are you willing to go through to achieve what you want?
  • How will you know you are making those changes?
  • How will you make sure you have the help and support you need?
  • How will you know your new way of showing up is having the impact you wanted?
  • What other feedback loops do you need to establish to measure your progress and success?

You will be using the Konnekted Leadership tools through the process, for your own reflection, to align with others, to set direction, and to guide and measure progress. In our regular video conversations you will share your learnings and struggles with us, and find sources for collaboration, challenge, feedback, and support. 

You will work with peers – other leaders who help you with curiosity, candor and loving attention. You will do the same for them. You can find peers in our CAL2 group or in your organisation – we don’t prescribe whom you need to work with. This collaboration is your responsibilty.


You will journal about your progress in a leadership diary. Ideally, that is shared with your peers. You will notice indicators of progress (or non-progress) during your journey. You may adjust your expectations. You will record your puzzles and learnings. At the end, you will help me validate 

  • Your increased awareness of your influence in your chosen context
  • Your increased sense of impact, direction, and progress
  • Your ability to plan and track changes in a complex system
  • Your vulnerability and willingness to confront and go through pain to achieve the growth you want
  • Your ability to conceptualise and articulate your growth journey so that you can help others on their journeys

I do not validate your success. If in the end you made the difference you wanted to make is of no importance to the certification. I need to validate your learning, your increased awareness of your leadership, not your success. 

We will decide together how you validate all of this to me. Many leaders have recorded a video to summarise and document their journey and learning.

What does a CAL2 course consist of?


A CAL2 course is designed by a group of leaders who self-organise around their shared purpose of boosting their own learning journey and making a difference in their organisations. We assist your design and are always there for help, but our TrustTemenos philosophy is that we design CAL1 for you, you design CAL2 for you. 

CAL2 consists of three parts:

  • a learning deep dive of your choice (e.g. personal leadership development, organisational transformation, …)
  • peer work with other leaders, this may be facilitated by the course but is probably not part of the course.  
  • validated practice: you need to demonstrate how the changes you’ve made to your leadership have made a difference in your organisation. This proves your increase awareness of intention and impact, which is the foundation of regular, deliberate improvement of your leadership, aka agile leadership.


What is the structure?

The simple answer is I don’t know yet. My dream is that you – one of you, some of you all of you – take the lead and co-create it with me. I’m totally available for help, but I do not want to impose it or pre-define it. 
Elements of the structure can include: 
– group video calls on zoom (frequency tbd, previous groups had monthly calls) 
– to check in and build a group
– to share progress 
– to find partners, identify areas of collaboration
– … 
– face 2 face meeting for 2-3 days, especially for the learning deep dive 
– coaching (each other and/or by me) 
– happy to explore more options 

What do I get out of it?

You define the frame of your leadership growth:
– the system you are leading in and your leadership role
– your leadership challenge or intention, what you want to achieve
– how you want to change to make that happen, and how you’ll know you’ve changed
– how you will know that you’ve made the difference that you intended to make 
– what you want to contribute and to get from the group 
The group – and I as your “leadership educator” will help you to
– stay on track, hold you accountable
– support you with feedback, ideas, co-creation of solutions
– practice leadership in a complex environment 
– reflect on your and everybody else’s progress and learning 
– find a partner to work with more closely
– improve your personal leadership through coaching 
– dive deep into a topic of leadership learning that the group chooses together. 

What is the effort I need to invest?

Most of the work you will be doing is your leadership work. We are adding reflection, and some of that will need to be recorded for “validation” – that could be a journal, a short essay, or a video of progress and your story of change. 
You choose how much you connect to others in the course and work together. 
You choose how much you contribute to the group. 
We will meet face 2 face for 2-3 days, that will be a mandatory part of the course. 
The minimum investment would be those 2-3 days plus less than 1h per week. 

When will I be “done”?

That depends on your pace of learning and change. Six months is a common minimum expectation, nine more realistic … and that time frame may already have started. 
In my experience, different people have different paces and the systems you lead in have an influence as well. I do not expect all participants of one course to receive the certification at the same time. 

How much am I expected to pay?

I want the payment you make for this course to reflect your commitment to your own growth. 
Past participants have mostly paid about twice the CAL1 price for their CAL2 program. 
With participants from different countries, we defining one price for all would not feel fair. Let’s talk 🙂