TrustTemenos CAL2 – Create and Lead Your Course!



You want to continue your journey as an agile leader, and you want validation that your new intention and awareness actually make a difference in your organisation. Step up to lead in our CAL2 group! Everyone participating in our CAL1 gets access to our TrustTemenos Slack workspace. There you’ll find the #cal2interest channel within which you’ll find interested leaders to join forces with to create your CAL2 course.


What does a CAL2 course consist of?


A CAL2 course is designed by a group of leaders who self-organise around their shared purpose of boosting their own learning journey and making a difference in their organisations. We assist your design and are always there for help, but our TrustTemenos philosophy is that we design CAL1 for you, you design CAL2 for you. 

CAL2 consists of three parts:

  • a learning deep dive of your choice (e.g. personal leadership development, organisational transformation, …)
  • peer work with other leaders, this may be facilitated by the course but is probably not part of the course.  
  • validated practice: you need to demonstrate how the changes you’ve made to your leadership have made a difference in your organisation. This proves your increase awareness of intention and impact, which is the foundation of regular, deliberate improvement of your leadership, aka agile leadership.


What is the structure?

The simple answer is I don’t know yet. My dream is that you – one of you, some of you all of you – take the lead and co-create it with me. I’m totally available for help, but I do not want to impose it or pre-define it. 
Elements of the structure can include: 
– group video calls on zoom (frequency tbd, previous groups had monthly calls) 
– to check in and build a group
– to share progress 
– to find partners, identify areas of collaboration
– … 
– face 2 face meeting for 2-3 days, especially for the learning deep dive 
– coaching (each other and/or by me) 
– happy to explore more options 

What do I get out of it?

You define the frame of your leadership growth:
– the system you are leading in and your leadership role
– your leadership challenge or intention, what you want to achieve
– how you want to change to make that happen, and how you’ll know you’ve changed
– how you will know that you’ve made the difference that you intended to make 
– what you want to contribute and to get from the group 
The group – and I as your “leadership educator” will help you to
– stay on track, hold you accountable
– support you with feedback, ideas, co-creation of solutions
– practice leadership in a complex environment 
– reflect on your and everybody else’s progress and learning 
– find a partner to work with more closely
– improve your personal leadership through coaching 
– dive deep into a topic of leadership learning that the group chooses together. 

What is the effort I need to invest?

Most of the work you will be doing is your leadership work. We are adding reflection, and some of that will need to be recorded for “validation” – that could be a journal, a short essay, or a video of progress and your story of change. 
You choose how much you connect to others in the course and work together. 
You choose how much you contribute to the group. 
We will meet face 2 face for 2-3 days, that will be a mandatory part of the course. 
The minimum investment would be those 2-3 days plus less than 1h per week. 

When will I be “done”?

That depends on your pace of learning and change. Six months is a common minimum expectation, nine more realistic … and that time frame may already have started. 
In my experience, different people have different paces and the systems you lead in have an influence as well. I do not expect all participants of one course to receive the certification at the same time. 

How much am I expected to pay?

I want the payment you make for this course to reflect your commitment to your own growth. 
Past participants have mostly paid about twice the CAL1 price for their CAL2 program. 
With participants from different countries, we defining one price for all would not feel fair. Let’s talk 🙂