TrustTemenos School of Coaching Witchcraft and Wizardry

Unleash the Magic of your Coaching

The next cohort – co-lead by Olaf Lewitz and Ken Power – is starting in October 2020.

First prep call will be in September.

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In this program, you will explore the services of a safe community and a container to explore your business and coaching magic in a new way. Grow your confidence and courage, remove blockers around asking for (more) money for your work, hone in on the specific magic only you can provide, and much much more!

Every month we will focus on a topic: your unfair advantage, impostor’s syndrome, how to sell coaching, marketing your uniqueness, kick people’s ass, feedback, and, most important: confidence. You get to grow your confidence not only in skin and flesh but in your bones and marrow, too…

During each month we will have one zoom call with the whole group, several optional calls, you will get coaching from a peer and from us, you will coach and get feedback … And we will all measure our progress, inspect and adapt.

7 Months

You will immerse yourself in significant change, focusing on what you’re best at:

  • Loving people’s potential into existence.
  • Helping people shift their perspective and change their lives.

10 Coaches

Join a group of peers learning together. We take care of quality and diversity. You coach and are coached. You hone your business acumen.

You will invest 1-3 hours per week into this course. Your engagement determines the difference you will see.


7 Challenges

Every month, we will focus on a new challenge: branding, marketing, sales, growth, confidence, value, pricing …

And, above all: magic! Evoke perspective shifts that enable unbelievable choices.

10 Percent

Our intent is: Your income will double with the same time invested or you will keep your income investing half the time. Depending on your situation and context, this may take weeks, months or years.

Your cost for this program could be 10% of your last year’s gross income – or an equivalent commitment. We are flexible on payment.

What would you have if you were confident of your value?



Clarity of your own value increases your freedom of choice.

Knowing what you want and daring to ask for it increases your chances to get it.


Showing Up with confidence inspires respect in people around you: clients and colleagues as well as friends, family, and – most of all – yourself.



With confidence, you will ask for more money and get it. Money increases your freedom of choice and enables you to make a bigger impact in the world.


You take care of yourself, because you are aware of how valuable you are, and that you are worthy of being very well.

Enroll Early

The earlier you engage, the more you can help us shape the program according to your needs.

Be part of the group as we agree on dates and times to meet, tools to use, and clarify conditions of joining.

You will do pre-work:

  • create a business case for your investment in this course,
  • evaluate your business acumen as a baseline to measure progress,
  • increase clarity on who you are as a coach.

If you want to join, start filling in this google form to start the process!

This is For You if These Are True:

  • I love what I do – and I want to earn a living.
  • I want to focus on my purpose, more than on money.
  • I want to have freedom to enjoy the work I want to do.
  • I want clients to find me whom I really love to work with.
  • I deserve to love what I do.
  • I want my work to be appreciated and loved – being paid well is part of that.
  • I want to be recognised at the level of a corporation where I want to make an impact.

What if I'm not driven by money?

A higher rate gives you freedom: choose your work, dare to say no. Get access to people who live in a world where status depends on money. A high rate appreciates your impact. And you can make a difference with the money. Use it well.

Webinar Recording with Agile Orlando

In July, Agile Orlando hosted a conversation with us about this course. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work remotely?

Through Zoom. The platform you see in use in the video. We will probably have a dedicated Zoom room for the group that’s open all the time, so you can meet peers there all the time. We will have a collaboration space – slack or facebook group, probably – so that we can find each other and meet.

We assume there will be a fixed time per week where some people will show up, and once a month one of those will be the main meeting point for the whole group for that month.


What else do you want to know?