Unleash the Magic of your Coaching

10 Months

You will immerse yourself in significant change, focusing on what you’re best at:

  • Loving people’s potential into existence.
  • Helping people shift their perspective and change their lives.  

10 Coaches

Join a group of peers learning together. We take care of quality and diversity. You coach and are coached. You hone your business acumen.


10 Challenges

Every month, we will focus on a new challenge: branding, marketing, sales, growth, confidence, value, pricing …

And, above all: magic! Evoke perspective shifts that enable unbelievable choices.

10 Percent

The broad goal of this course is to double your business effectiveness.

Your income will double with the same time invested or you will keep your income with half the time invested. 

Your cost for this program will be 10% of your last year’s gross income.

We’re working on a new offering for individuals. Working title “up your coaching game” or “grow your business as a coach”.

In this program you will grow your confidence, remove blockers around asking for (more) money for your services, hone in on the specific service only you can provide, and much much more!

At the moment, we are designing the program. Get engaged early to start learning, contribute what you need and want and let us know…

…what you would like to have happen … ?

We will host a first feedback call for our MVP on Friday, July 28, 8pm Berlin time.