Feel-Workshop Berlin

by | Jun 22, 2019

You Matter

Unleash your Power


Replenish your Love

Upcoming Workshops:
October 4-6, 2024

Thank you, and good-bye, P3

P3 – Personal Power and Prosperity – has been running in Orlando for more than 20 years, supported and sustained by a community of more than 1000 volunteers and health professionals. Every six weeks they host a transformational weekend where about 50 volunteers support a group of 25 students on a journey of self-care, self-discovery and self-development.

The first P3 Workshop in Berlin was held in June 2019. Based on the great success of deep emotions and mutual connection, the need is heard. After an even more successful repeat the following November, P3 Workshops were hosted until 2022. Now we’re moving on as “Feel”. 

This course condenses much of what’s important in personal development into one deep, intense and elegant experience:

  • Self-care, and care from others
  • Owning your story, your emotions, your pain and your joy
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Forgive yourself for what you’ve done or allowed to be done to yourself

In a very safe and physically comforting space, we will guide you through all major emotions:

  • You get to go as deeply into the experience as you want
  • You will emerge refreshed and light, exhausted and exhilarated

Feel Workshop Benefits

  • Emotional sensation and discernment is essential for leadership and (agile) coaching.
  • Others notice so much easier than ourselves where we own our shit and where and how we’re trying to fool ourselves.
  • Your clients will feel safer with a coach who shows vulnerability. To show up with vulnerability, you want to be familiar with what is going to show up. We offer a safe space for you to discover what you didn’t (want to) know about yourself, yet.
  • If you know yourself better you can take better responsibility for yourself and others and make more authentic decisions.
  • You create and hold space much better and easier for others’ processes and work if you can separate your stuff from their stuff.
  • You will be more immune to conscious and unconscious manipulation.
  • You will be more flexible, emotionally and rationally, and able to deal with more difficult situations. You can deal with change on different levels more easily without losing your footing.

You will love this, if

  • You work with people as a coach or leader and want to grow your emotional skills
  • You have long years of experience in personal growth and want to connect to a new community
  • You are passionate about your conscious journey and growth and want to unlock the next level
  • You struggle with co-dependency or addiction and want to let go of what’s been holding you back
  • You are a therapist and want to get to know a format that may be just what your clients need


    I’ve seen how this weekend has changed lives. People were showing up in ways they had not felt able to before, acknowledging, embracing and integrating parts of themselves and their journeys they had been struggling with. The room was full of people ready to connect with themselves and each other on a level I had not experienced at this scale. This created a strong invitation to let go of what’s holding me back and show up more fully.
    Olaf Lewitz

    Trust Artist, Trusttemenos

    In case you ever wondered what it would be like to go back into the womb, this workshop may well be the closest you can get to that experience. I have never experienced so much connectedness, support, and love in my life.
    Manuel Kueblboeck

    OrgDesign & Transformation

    “There is water coming out of my face.”
    Nick Tait

    Delivery Director

    For Anyone

    Feel Workshops provide very safe circumstances in which you can go as deep as you like into your own emotions and work with your limiting beliefs. It is the next step on your inner strength and clarity. It might be a life changing experience for you.

    For Recovery

    After Burn-Out or in any type of addiction recovery, this Feel Workshop will give you hope and reasons to follow up on your needs. You can identify ways to set boundaries. Get clarity on what holds you back from your vision, win connections to other people and inner strengths.

    For Coaches

    Feel Workshop is a crash course of emotional literacy. You will learn how to connect more to yourself and your emotions, while better understanding emotions of others and holding space for them and support them.

    For Therapists

    Feel Workshops are very intense in a very short timeframe. You might be surprised how fast and deep this format works.