The Whole Room

CAL1 – The Whole Room

After Day 1 of our first CAL1 course in Kiev (April 5, 2017), we’re sharing the first insights.

Join us in London on May 18/19, 2017, for the next one!

What makes TrustTemenos CAL1 special?

Certified Agile Leadership is a relatively open frame – there is no one path to leadership, no one way to be an agile leader. Our TrustTemenos CAL1 training

  • is developed and delivered by a pair – male and female – integrating those different perspectives and energies.
  • transcends leading to grow followers or leading to grow leaders: we lead to grow adults who can consciously decide when to lead, when to follow, and why.
  • as we want to lead and follow in an elegant dance, we teach and learn together: Christine and Olaf participate and share eye-to-eye, creating emergent opportunities for surprise.
  • leadership at its core is developing relationships. We very consciously build strong and trusting relationships in this course, so that you know how to become an expert at that.
  • awareness maps integrate learning and sharing of everyone – no matter what your experiences are, it’s very likely everyone will learn something from you.
  • deeply respects your way and style of thinking and working and leading right now, offering ways to clarify your intention, identity and context so that you can consciously improve it.
  • focuses not on leadership methods and tools, but on inspection and adaptation methods and tools.

Impressions from the Day

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