Again and again, in our work with leaders at all levels, we see the crucial importance of what we call “containers” – groups of people, maybe only two, but reaching up to perhaps ten or twelve, who hold and support each other: circles where each member is seen and heard, is respected, and is free and welcome to speak their truth and to do their work.

Whatever materials, ideas or resources we try to share with developing leaders, their breakthroughs and insights always depend much more heavily on the quality of the container that we create for them, or more accurately, that we co-create together, than on the content we are discussing.

When they leave our workshops or facilitated sessions, the people we work with go back to their organisations: there they have the opportunity to create great containers of their own. Indeed, that’s where the juice is – creating vibrant, trusting containers at all levels of organisations, so that every member is fully invited to Show Up, be themselves, take risks, be vulnerable, and create their best work.

We’re running an online digital gathering on 13 April to explore these ideas. You can join from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. The format is based on Open Space, so you can both learn and share your own experience and insights.

Please be invited to join us on 13 April.

Trust and Safety: Temenos Online Open Space

All our leadership offering revolve around building great containers. Please bring your own challenges and your own special magic and explore the possibilities with us.  There are many options available and described here on our website.  One way to start the conversation could be to dip in to our latest book.

Leading with Intention

We look forward to meeting you in a container we create together very soon.

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