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26.-28.10. 2017



25.-27.01. 2018



22.-24.03. 2018



26.-28.10. 2017

We call all leaders who want to make a difference in this world.

You see the damage and feel the pain our current culture is creating for our world, for everyone.

You see an alternative.

You know you can own the change: with your experience in the past, your personal change, your learnings and charisma. You know where to start.

Now you want to integrate your experience with others to maximise your impact.

Temenos is the best method we know to get a group of people to a state of clarity: who we are, and what we want. This academy will help you develop your unique style of leading people into that clarity.

Are you yearning to create collaborative spaces in companies that foster empathy, compassion and co-creation? Can you persevere even when you create dissonance and your old patterns get triggered? You want to start and create sparks and creative labs where people get inspired and spread the word. This academy will help you to create spaces of respect where people dare to realise their full potential.

Do you want to be part of a network of leaders willing and able to change the world?


We uncover the strength of people to unleash their freedom of choice. We believe that increases well-being and the effectiveness of organisations. It makes work more fun.

We want to grow a generation of leaders

who share this with us,

who change organisations in the world into safe spaces

for people to flourish in freedom.

Four Workshops:

October , January , March, June

All Blocks start on a Thursday evening with dinner at 6pm. We end on Saturdays at 4pm, the last block is one day longer so we end on Sunday. Block 1+2 will be close to Munich, Block 3+4 in Berlin.

We will meet four times for 2-3 days for deep connections, intense shared experience and group learning. Each workshop focuses on one specific area of leadership, and one stage of development of our group consciousness:

What does the Leadership Academy offer?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Ghandi)”

The Academy is a 10-month program for you to become the leader you long to be. You will raise your awareness; gain clarity to increase impact. We will host spaces with presence, authenticity and confidence, and grow our awareness and mindfulness in doing that. You are connecting intensively with like-minded leaders in a wholehearted network.

We will have four in-depth workshops where we meet in person, deepen our work and learn together in a supporting environment. We will use and increase the power of connection.

We will have online sessions to reflect, deepen and learn from the experiences of the onsite meetings and enrich them with background knowledge about the different aspects of our leadership approach. You will get to know people who inspire you and inspired us in the disciplines of mindfulness, vulnerability, mind science and change.

Coaching sessions with Olaf Lewitz or Christine Neidhardt will support you on your way.



Dare to lift the veil of the past: Looking at what is, what is really going on.

26.-28.10. 2017 Start: Get started weekend – How to connect with yourself? How to help people to connect to themselves? How to help a group to connect? How to install these connections in your business life?


Take-aways: building authentic connections, listening with empathy and compassion, various ways to get people to reflect their biography, share insights, identify patterns, create and hold resonance, meet your inner leader,  hosting, open and hold space, integrate tensions and diversity

— in between regular online sessions —



Looking at my part, taking responsibility for my life.

25.-27.01. 2018 Patterns and Contexts and Choice Weekend. Who am I in different contexts? How do I switch? Which patterns make me successful where? How do I lead, inspire leadership? Where do I take up space, where do I hold it? How can I help people to identify, to let go of patterns?

Take-aways: identify options and make choices, overcome fear, check in and check out, context management, clarity of roles/intentions in various contexts, acceptance and letting go, forgiveness, approaches for kicking containers and shifting contexts, clean slate with groups

— in between regular online sessions —



Start authoring my own story, driving my own life.

22.-24.03. 2018 Clarity, Identity, Intention Weekend. What am I living? Where and who do I want to be? Which impact do I want to make, and where? How do we grow, lead, show up together? How do we link our intentions to have more impact? How can I help others to tap into their full intention and clear vision.

Take-aways: personal vision and shared vision for all of us. Methods and tools for creating individual and collective visions for the future, increasing confidence and clarity, intuitional leading, meeting your inner child. You overcame resistance. You are your vision and you live it.

— in between regular online sessions —



Ready for Impact Weekend

14.-17.06. 2018 Share my way of leading and intention with the group – Share results and examples – Co-Creation of leaders – Next steps for the network – projects and offers. This End is the Beginning. We will discover on the way what we are going to begin.

— closing online sessions to round up —

What happens in between the 4 workshops?

Online Sessions:
weekly online session, to …

  • stay connected, hold a space that is bigger than a room
  • have focused attention for an extended time to enable real change of habits
  • deepen awareness of our experience and our understanding of the process
  • reflect on shared and individual experience: what impact does the academy have?
  • share knowledge (topic sessions) so that we all understand what happens in our brain, in the space, on our journeys
  • practice hosting, specifically in virtual environments

Save Your Space

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We want to invite everyone who wants to join our mission with passion. Talk to us – let’s speak about your wish to take part and the conditions that work for you…

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Prices and Registration

The academy offers two ways of attending. You can attend as private person or as part of a company. All prices include workshops and regular webinars. Additionally you will pay for accommodation and main meals.

When starting this academy, please be sure that you can attend all four in-person workshops. You will have the same leaders and fellow participants throughout the course of the Leadership Academy. That will make holding the ups and downs of our learning journey easier to hold. As a strong group we will hold space for each other to support significant and lasting change, so that we can hold on to our dreams in difficult times.

Private persons: 3.800 Euro

Companies: 7.200 Euro

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