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Relationships. We see them everywhere.

These are interesting times. A lot of what’s normal isn’t anymore. Many of us are overwhelmed. Many structures we are used to are not there anymore. How we spend our time and whom we spend it with has become radically different. And we didn’t get much time to pause, reflect, and adapt.

I’m a relationship person. I love. I hug. I listen. I empathise. I lead my relationships consciously. And I’m struggling.

When helping leaders improve, I focus on leading relationships. I’ve noticed how what they practice at work helps their private relationships, too. Now, relationships are under stress both at home and at work: we spend either a lot more or a lot less time with people than we are used to. Let’s learn from our struggling. Let’s use this irritating situation to our advantage, to improve our relationships at work, as well as at home.

I’m noticing how my relationship practice helps me in these interesting times. And I’m talking to lots and lots of people who struggle, who have questions. Some are worried, afraid. We need a space, to pause, to listen, to ask the burning questions.

How do we identify the chances and opportunities between the risks, and worries, and fears? How do we thrive from here? How do we flourish?

I’m offering a space for conversations. Starting today, March 25, at 4 pm Berlin time. Link to the Zoom meeting.

How might we lead our relationships in these times of Social Distancing?

I intend to host these conversations every day, from now on, while they are needed and possible.

Some interesting questions

Now that I’m faced with people I love 24 hours per day, and they get on my nerves, what do I do?

Now that I can’t see and feel people as I’m used to, what do I do?

Now that I don’t get to have random beneficial conversations with colleagues at the coffee machine or over lunch, now that I’m missing information and connection that’s essential for collaboration and well-being, what do I do?

Now that I have to sit in front of my computer all day, every day, to do my work, to have social interactions, what do I do?

Now that everything seems to be different, what would we like to have happen?

Who is this for?

Leaders of all kinds and roles.

People overwhelmed with the sudden changes in their day-to-day relationships.

Those of us who feel lonely in quarantine or during lock-down.

Anyone who wants to learn more about relationships.

Coaches who want to help but are distanced from clients who don’t come to the office anymore.

Everyone. Just join us. Use this link to our Zoom meeting.