Mastering Relationships

For leaders and lovers in all roles. Improve your relationships to improve your impact and your life.


You have realised that relationships are key to your success. You want to improve, but you’re lacking tools. You know you want to change how you show up, but you need to grow the awareness to know how to change. You want to lead with your heart, but no one role-modeled that for you.


You are happy in your relationship, but you want more. You are suffering, and want to learn why, and improve.

Lead your Life

We live. That’s a given. Imagine your life were a movie – where will your name show up in the credits? Are you the main actor, the director, the script writer? Life is all about relationships. Leading our life requires us to master those relationships, to become authors of our life, to lead our lives with authority.

About this Course

Mastering Relationships provides individuals with the tools and practices to improve relationships in every area of life.

Mastering Relationships is a 3-day course focused entirely on the art and science of connection with others. As a participant, you will learn how to create, maintain and repair healthy, conscious relationships in all areas of your life.

This course is taught in a manner that creates significant opportunities to learn, practice and implement tools with a team. You will leave the experience with a deep knowledge of your own unconscious drives and what to do with them, navigating conflict at every stage, mending relationships after trust has been damaged, and creating meaningful and intentional relationships with others.

A Course in Relationships

For three days, we will deep dive into techniques that build trust, intimacy and relationship fluency.


Opening a space for magic to happen. Learn how to start a meeting or day to increase trust and connection.

Influence Maps

Show up so that people can deeply connect. Reflect and disclose how you became who you are. Form deep and lasting connection.

Loving Confrontation

I may love you, but we don’t always agree. Validating what your partner said without agreeing is key to setting good boundaries and avoiding co-dependence. Additionally, you will practice providing feedback to others in a way that is loving and for their benefit.

Family Sculpting

Family dynamics follow common patterns. Your family of origin influences you as long as you are unaware of them. Discover how you can free yourself.

Building Ego-Strength

Practice holding space in difficult situations so that you can remain in control of your behaviors, receive feedback in any form, and be powerful in your response.

Overcoming Past Animosity

While preventing conflict usually feels better, it’s not always possible or even helpful. It’s important to clean up our side of the street when relationships get messy so something new can grow there.

Blame Release

Blame is important – it connects us to our power through the anger it evokes. Blame also holds us back, limits our freedom. Walk through blame, harvest the learning, and let it go.

Apologise to Yourself

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. Heal past wounds in your heart. Step in for people who’ve hurt you and surprise yourself with a powerful apology.

Clean Amends

Saying “sorry” is rarely a productive way to fix what has broken. Here we address the tools to make amends and take responsibility for how we damaged a relationship free of codependency, blame, or manipulation.

Gratitude Flood

Let love and gratitude of the group wash over you and experience the bliss of loving attention as we close this intense learning experience.

Olaf Lewitz, and Angelika Först

Olaf Lewitz is the trust artist and founder of TrustTemenos academy. He helps individuals and organisations to discover, love, and live their purpose. Olaf is a leadership coach, speaker, and facilitator. Olaf is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and CAL Educator with Scrum Alliance.

Angelika Först is a computer-scientist-turned-agile-coach, person-centred counsellor and expert in personal growth. She’s passionately researched human relationships for her entire life.