Startup Temenos Conference, Berlin

Coming soon in Spring 2017…

“Thank you. We know so much better now what each of us wants. Everything moves twice as fast!”

“Wow. Trust increased and we now lose much less time in discussions!”

This is what we want to hear from you after bringing your founder team to the new Startup Temenos Conference in Berlin. You will take away

  • Increased trust and improved leadership in your founder team. You’ll make better decisions faster, pivot more quickly and have fewer debates.
  • You will have learned methods you can use to continue growing that trust.
  • Each of you will have more personal clarity of intent. You will know better what you want.

Two days in the hub:raum incubator space in Berlin will be a journey: Starting with where we come from, looking at what is real right now, we will identify patterns: behaviour, habit, assumption, expectation. We will check what helps and what hurts, and then envision our future with more clarity.

Startups and Trust

Startups live in a world of less certainty, less safety, more ambiguity, and quick and frequent changes. We love that, it’s exciting! And: there is a risk of becoming stressed. Individually or as a group, that stress will impact our clarity of thought, intent, and communication. It slows us down.

If we create a safe space of trust within us and within our team, we are so much more effective in dealing with the changes and challenges outside. Temenos is Greek for such a safe space. This conference is all about learning and experiencing how to create and sustain it.

You are Welcome

This conference will benefit everyone who wants to make startups more successful. The benefit will multiply if you participate as a team. We’ve set up the pricing to make it extremely attractive for startup teams to come together.

Trust, innovation, collaboration – and Startup!

The ecosystem around startups is transforming economic life in the 21st century. And yet in our experience, many founders and their mentors realise that they are stuck in old patterns of leadership and organisational life. We are constantly meeting people who want to create a new kind of organisation, who understand that the old ways of leading and organising aren’t working. People are leaving traditional organisations in search of a new sense of freedom, respect, creativity and innovation. How can we support to bring these aspects into life under challenging situations of a Startup?

Trusttemenos Academy has created a unique 2-day format for you, combining Temenos, keynotes and workshops! You will explore how important it is to create a room for collaboration and trust for Startups to thrive and pivot and how to do this. If you take your team you will deepen your trust and clarity and get to know different kind of methods to steer the process of collaboration and trust.

In the course of the conference, we will give you direct experience of  a way of working we call Temenos. The word Temenos is from the Greek, and means a sacred safe place or container. The Temenos journey, originated and developed by Siraj Sirajuddin over the past 20 years, has been used with leadership teams and open groups of leaders all over the world to create and deepen trust, release creative potential and allow people to surprise themselves with what they can create.

The Startup Temenos Conference brings alive the basics of the Temenos principles for investors, mentors and companies, going through the Temenos process and adding inspiring keynotes from Startup founders and Temenos experts. In Workshops you will have the oppurtunity to get to know methods which foster creativity, trust, relationship and personal development.

You are welcome 

  • Founders
  • Reluctant leaders
  • Directors
  • Investors – VCs, Angels
  • Team leaders
  • Mentors
  • Academic advisers
  • Policymakers
  • Leaders of accelerators and incubators
  • Anyone who wants to create / improve the context for startups to be successful

… this conference is for you.

Your Program

Day 1

10.00 Welcome to guests
10.15 How to create a trustful environment? –
Action Influence Maps
Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt
10.45 Opening Keynote

Trust, Love, and Choice = Beautiful Startup

Santosh Tuppad, India
11.15 Break
11.45 2 Workshops in parallel

  • From “Me” to “Us” – understanding and using the natural personality and talents of the team – using Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
  • The Magic in Pivoting Well – Trustinfusion Talk

Christine Neidhardt

Scott Downs, London

13.00 Lunch
14.30 The Power of Shifting the Perspective

Revealing better choices with Clean Slate

Olaf & Christine
15.15 Keynote – Agreement Kills Progress!
Leverage the Creative Power of Conflict
Olaf Lewitz
15.45 Break
16.15 Creating a Culture of Innovation by Engaging Everyone (Using Liberating Structures) Sylvia Taylor
17.45 Closing Scott and Sylvia
18.00 End of first day

Day 2

9.30 Welcome to guests
10.00 Starting off the Day Scott and Sylvia
10.30 The Power of Personal Vision for Startups – Big group Olaf and Christine
11.15 Break
11.45 2 Workshops in parallel

    • Action! Working on your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)  Lego Serious Play
  • Triggering Inner Trust for Leaders
Matthias Seul
Gina Enache
13.00 Lunch
13.45 World Cafe with Speakers & Temenos experts Santosh Tuppad, Olaf Lewitz, Siraj Sirajuddhin, Christine Neidhardt, Susan Gibson, Scott Downs, Sylvia Taylor, Matthias Seul
14.45 Break
15.15 Case Study – Trusttemenos in Startups N.N.
15.45 Clarity of intent – Hold on to your vision Olaf and Christine
16.45 Appreciations for everybody
17.00 End of day 2

 You will learn

  • How to build and foster a well-functioning founder team
  • How to invest more successfully because the teams you invest in work beautifully together
  • How to create Containers of Trust in leadership, operating, developmental, and creative teams

You will meet

  • People who have been successful and learn how they became successful
  • Founders, investors and mentors who care about creating great organisations
  • Change agents who have successfully supported the creation of amazing teams

The Organizer team

The TrustTemenos Leadership Academy has put together a team of consultants specialized on supporting especially Startups to hold and create trust and a feeling of “We” during an ongoing transformation.

  • Olaf Lewitz
  • Scott Downs
  • Christine Neidhardt
  • Sylvia Taylor

Prices – what to invest?

€ 500 for the first person from a company
€ 350 for the second… and
€ 250 for more. You’ll get the most value out of this experience when you come and participate as a team!


Winterfeldtstr. 21
10781 Berlin

To register, contact……