Temenos invites us to experience connection, openness and trust on a level that’s not accessible to us in daily life. With Temenos, we can safely test more effective methods of relating with others.

Why do we need this?

The most painful experience of modern man is that nobody really knows us, and nobody seems to be particularly interested. To avoid feeling that pain, we avoid disclosing ourselves in day-to-day life. We behave in a way that results in a staggering loss of human potential and the resulting economic value.

In our workplaces, we do not dare to show our true and whole self. We do not feel welcome, and co-create work environments where sub-optimal results and shared ineffectiveness are normal. Although we hunger for being seen, our need for safety makes it impossible for anyone to authentically connect with us.

True effectiveness is very radical, scary, terrifying – nothing anyone would want per se. We avoid it at all costs.

Temenos provides a safe setting to explore this space to develop our existing skills. We discover that we can open up to people and learn that this satisfies a deeply rooted human need.
With this experience, we may dare to treat each other more openly, truthfully, and effectively than before. We’re more aware of who we are, and what we want.

Temenos has been developed in the past 20 years by Siraj Sirajuddin. Starting with personal growth labs with students, he combined ideas from multiple sources to forge this beautiful container. Temenos is ancient greek, meaning sacred container or vessel. C.G. Jung used this term to name the space within us where our Self develops, and the healing container he created for suffering human beings.

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