TrustTemenos Adventure Gathering 2018

Join Movements who bring Joy into Work and the World
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We are looking forward to seeing you in September!

Time Till We Meet You There








We have been blessed over the years: We have enjoyed various communities of people who bring freedom and joy into work and the world. This gathering will bring these people together to broaden and deepen and intensify our impact. We want to create a joint movement of all the different change communities we have been involved with.

We invite you to join us on a journey sharing our histories, current challenges and dreams for our worlds. Together, we will raise our clarity of who we are and what we want. You may dive into existing and emerging connections to feel supported, appreciated, and loved. We can take off our superhero capes and enjoy a rejuvenating bath of curiosity and kindness. This will energise us to bring more of our dreams into reality.

Then we will engage with our work in an Open Space, to amplify each other’s impact. We’ll share the difference we want to make, discover opportunities to join forces, and bring our open minds, hearts and wills together so that we leave with shared, specific, and impactful adventures to embark on.

The Difference this will Make for You and Us

  • Clear intention of something I want (to change)
  • Strong connection, feeling part of a bigger game
  • Understand how we create appreciative spaces of trust
  • Leave with concrete actions and collaboration opportunities
  • Know where and how to support each other
  • Have a bigger impact in our work, together


Now is the time to bring you all together.

You are invited.

Christine, Susan, Olaf and Siraj

Christine Neidhardt
Susan Gibson
Olaf Lewitz
Siraj Sirajuddin