It’s been my privilege to be involved in TrustTemenos leadership work for more than two years now. The work has touched me deeply; I am ever more certain that I want to be ever more actively engaged with it and to help share it with ever more people in the world. I have seen it touch many lives already. I am struck with how consistently people seem inspired by the work and pulled powerfully toward greater engagement.

I’ve been asking myself why this is. What is special about this work?

My answer for today is this: the work’s special quality is the weave of these elements

  • We Invite everyone in the system – especially emergent leaders – to truly connect on a deep level with who they are and what they want – and to help others to do the same
  • We invite people to show up – to bring that sense of who we are and what we want to life in the world – with a blend of boldness and humility
  • We create strong, beautiful containers – we call them Temenos – small, intimate groups where the core of that personal work can happen – with a beautiful mix of trust, safety, support and challenge
  • We call forward – and creatively and elegantly design and work within – the broader set of relationships and contexts in which this work can happen
  • We offer but do not impose a wealth of elegant frameworks, tools and stances for nurturing growth
    • Awareness – including an appreciation of different levels of awareness
    • Attention – including deep listening, seeing, hearing, empathy
    • Intention
    • Ways of being – stances, states of mind
    • Self-expression – creative, generous, loving
    • Transformation – roadmaps
  • We truly care about people – welcoming, caring for and nurturing them and inviting them to care for themselves and others as they bring their magic to life in the world.
  • We – I say we – Olaf and Christine are especially good at this one – have the gentle, loving, believable, inspiring, infectious confidence that all this change and growth can happen for each of us – and in exactly the way that’s needed.

This community is growing rapidly – and internationally. Olaf and Christine have in recent months led programs in the UK, France, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia and Egypt. Our partners in Temenos work are very active in the US and in India. Our participants come from all over Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

If this way of bringing leadership to life calls to you, too, we’d love for you to join us.

In particular, please be invited to join us for Certified Agile Leadership 1, January 18-19 2018 in London, a two-day exploration your own leadership journey, with certification from the Scrum Alliance

and/or …

join the TrustTemenos Leadership Academy – Generation 3, our ten-month leadership deep dive, beginning January 25-27 2018 in Germany

and/or …

write to us at (or me personally, see below) with your own stories, inquiries, celebrations, needs….

Very best energies for your own amazing, special leadership journey!