Temenos Working Agreements

Working Agreements from TrustTemenos Academy

To work effectively, we want focus as much of our time and attention on the work. Emotional reactions – unless they are part of the work itself – can distract us, reduce presence and be a source of waste – in Temenos just as well as in any team. A typical source of unwanted emotions are disappointed expectations. We greatly reduce the likelihood of disappointment when we make clear agreements.

These are working agreements we created in a recent block of TrustTemenos Leadership Academy. Use them to agree in your team or Temenos what’s working for you.

Working Agreements

  • Extreme self-care
  • Your own interests over group interests
  • Law of two feet
  • Express love for every individual including yourself
  • Support the other’s flow
  • Lead like you’d lead a blind person
  • Grab the sheep to ask for pause
  • Assume positive intent
  • Move to try a different perspective
  • Yes, and…
  • Authentic and honest